Jonathan Reed - Former Managing Director with Acuris Global

Jonathan Reed joined Acuris Global in 2002, most recently serving as Global Managing Director of Fixed Income, the largest of the firm’s five divisions. In this role, he handled, commercial activities, product development, marketing, and acquisitions for the division, focusing on innovation and profitable growth. In addition to growing the Fixed income division of Acuris to +$100m in ARR, Jonathan Reed was a founding member of Debtwire, which provides data, news, and analysis for investors, advisors and global investment bank clients.

Previously, Mr. Reed spent a year in institutional equities with ING and a year at Goldman Sachs Group. Since 2020, he has focused on building a private company investment portfolio. Targeting niche, post-revenue digital businesses, he seeks market-leading companies that wish to enter new markets or expand their product lines. In addition to investing, he holds an advisory role with multiple companies in his portfolio.

Mr. Reed attended the University of the West of England, Bristol where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management.

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Jonathan Reed
New York, NY US